Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What it means to be a fashion blogger?

Today I would like to talk about what it means to be a fashion blogger for me and why I think whether I should look at this seriously. First of all I am really scared of the “sell-out” label. Looking at some Lithuanian bloggers you can see how fake they actually are and looking at these types of fashion bloggers it feels like those girls could sell their souls just for a brand name. For example it looks really ridiculous when you can see dry hair hanging from under a bath towel wrapped around your head, imitating an “after shower” look. Or how a girl just cannot stand the taste of coffee buys it just too take pictures and then throws it away. Is she buying it because the so called fashion blogger standard requires a coffee in the picture? Is it just me or has this stuff gone way too far? So in these pictures girls look so perfect, it makes me look at myself and think “am I trying to fake everything around me just so I would look good in this one single picture?” And yes, sometimes I catch myself doing that, but I don’t want to. I am not going to sell my sell for brands I don’t even like, just to get a collaboration. I don’t want to look perfect. I want to be me! I don’t think that only a pretty face, body and fashion “standards” can make you successful. You can’t fake your whole world in social media if you want to have at least a bit of individuality. It’s not about passion to create beautiful stuff and upload it to Instagram, it’s not about spending time on social media, it is about faking everything around you just to look like another fashion blogger who is successful, being a wannabe, without having anything unique. I got myself thinking why am I doing this? Is it for the brands and collaborations, or the desire to be famous?? And I have been thinking for a few weeks whether I want to continue doing this. And finally yes! I love writing! About fashion, about beautiful things, about my attitude at certain times. I don’t want to write only about outfits and what I am wearing. I rather not have 100k followers on ig but real readers. Anyways I am not saying that every blogger is fake or a sellout, no! I’m not saying that they are silly! Just a few things that went too far and that some of them need to chill out and get some personalities instead of being one big amorphous blob of the same blogger.

Also In Lithuania we have few amazing blogs, which one is exactly what I am talking about - personalities and successful ones . And it's also really inspiring : gabrielegz , Ruta, vinilina and etc.
Suit : Labriell
Bag: Zara
Sunglasses: River Island
Shoes: Pull&Bear


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