Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Anatomical panatomy of fashion

     How does body work? Do you ever think about the wonders that happen underneath our skin everyday? Blood gushing like torrent waters inside our veins, giving us that lively red-ish shade on our cheeks, that small hint of elegancy covering secrets. Every part of our body is unique and to us our own, never giving up until our last day, the unsung heroes of our everyday lives, pushing us forward to achieve our dreams without us even noticing it. First - the brain, the mastermind, the one who is responsible for what we learn, how we comprehend, how we move. The one that keeps us safe and tells to be carefull in the dark cold night while your all alone in gods forgotten place. It always knows what to do, but is never the favourite and can trick you easily. It's just how it is. Then we have the lungs. Our fountain of youth, a calm place, when everything seems to be sliping out of hand, just one deep breath might be enough to stop that runaway train from hitting the brick wall, just one deep breath of freedom shows you, that not everything is lost beyond control, there will always be a new day, a new start, another breath. Further down we have the muscles and bones, what were meant to be our protectors become our way of expression, they gave us the ability to walk, to dance, to sing, TO CREATE, they are the tools that give us way to materialize ideas in to something real, something you can touch or throw. And finally we come down to the heart. It's the Sun, the center of our body, all would cease to be if it were to stop for a second, the perfect unity between rational work and irrational feelings. The heart is the strongest part of our body, it never stops, it gives us life, it gives us passion, it gives us strength, but most importantly it gives us will. because without it all would be meaningless. So embrace it and let it live, for without it we are empty.
At least i would, as you can see, i am inspired by the human anatomy, thats why the moment i saw this jumper i'm wearing now, I knew i had to have it, the detail and picture of the heart just looks amazing. Plus, it's made in Lithuania by "Ie Guo", incredibly soft and quality made. I am just sooo excited about this jumper , do you see the anatomically correct heart painted on it?You should check out Ieva's work because they are really worth it! Plus it is made in Lithuania! The quality you get for the price is way above what you would expect, matterials are incredibly soft and the picture looks like it will outlast a lifetime of washes.

   Jeans //Zara
   Shoes //deichmann
   Jacket // Reserved


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