Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Cozy dress is always the anwswer

  London weather is always out there to get you, it is hard to know what to dress, specifically when spring is just around the corner. Days remind cool summer nights but in the morning or night the cold is finger biting bad. unless it is raining and it seems as if the wind could just sweep you away (and that happens every second day), that's when multiple layers of sweaters become your best friends. By the way, have I mentioned that "How is the weather" is probably the most overused cliche line here in London, and if you don't know how to continue a conversation with a British person, just ask that. So, let us talk about the outfit now. When the weather is unpredictable your best bet is to go with something cozy - a cozy dress. Mine is from Massimo Dutti - one of my best buys since now. It's made of wool so I know that I can manage even through a windy day. It's not just warm but makes you feel elegant and like a lady. But the most interesting part of my outfit is probably the shoes. Could you believe that i found them in Primark for just 6 pounds. As You might think, they are not the most comfortable or shine of quality but are perfect for a rare occasion or event. I wouldn't recommend wearing them everyday because your feet won't be grateful. All in all I'm having trouble with all high heels. I can't wear them for longer than a few hours and they are a pain in the ass, but for this occasion they fulfilled my outfit. I can't forget to mention my last obsession - golden details! Golden handles, earrings, or just a little something , I have them everyday beside me. Also would like to mention my friend and excellent and outstanding photographer - Neda. She makes my pictures look the way I envision them, she makes my outfits shine and you all should definitely check out her and her works! I am super excited to collaborate with her!
                                                                      Dress//Massimo Dutti


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