Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Saying goodbye to 2017

Lately I started getting questions, why I stopped blogging. And I only have one answer - I didn't! After starting my studies I got entangled in them, so I had very little time to update my blog, I did not expect fashion studies would require so much of my time and be this challenging hahaha! Even tho I have been living here in London for half a year, still can't get used to the mass of people everywhere, traffic and constant shortage of time, but with determination, even time doesn't seem to be such an obstacle.Thus, said goodbye to 2017, and there are some things to talk about. Last year was full of discoveries, trials, mishaps and new beginings. Got to know myself better, finished school, changed my country of residence (which was extremely hard, to be honest), started studying the thing I wanted for so long, had lots of inner changes and breaks, emptiness, tried to tackle the unknowing, thousands of questions, still lying under my bed. 'm thankful for the people which was with me, that I can find support in, I felt happiness and care. I think the saying that next year we should be more genuine to ourselves and find inner peace and that much are things said too many times, so the only thing I'm going to wish for this year is just to learn how to love each other, because it seems love isn't easy, it's a science. I want to wish for more motivation, to rapidly follow your goals, set clear wishes and expectations from life. But the thing I want to wish most - is for less egoism, less fighting and anger, less rush, more empathy, care and hearing out each other. That's when tranquility will come to your home. Lets start a new and stylish, full of possibilities NEW YEAR!

                                                                           Sweater //Zara
                                                                           Shoes// Vagabonds
                                                                           Bag// Pull &Bear
                                                                           Earrings// Zara
                                                               PHOTO BY X NEDA LAUME

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