Saturday, 18 November 2017

Looking for victorian style

                                                                                         PICTURES   X    NEDA KOZEL

         Sometimes the things that fascinated us the most in life just run away, like a dog that broke off a leash. Thats when you are left all alone in the concrete city jungle searching for parts of yourself which were lost. Holding emptyness by the hand you take it on a date. But whilist you aren’t looking doubt starts to follow you as well, taunting with thoughts of your place in this world. Thus while walking between cold walls you can scence the uncertainty. It’s like you are standing atop a mountain and all everyone can see is your dark side. You start to question your decisions, if its really the place to be or the thing you should be doing. But at the end of the day we should do not what we are able but what we believe in. For happines reveals itself in our wishes and self expression, which is impossible without qoustioning oneself.
                                                                         Coat// H&M
                                                                         Earrings// Ultimate Collection


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