Friday, 8 September 2017


The word "edgy", to tell you the truth, has more than one definition. Just like colors, hairstyles, beauty,  all these things contain a spectrum relative to the person navigating it. Sometimes it lets us disguise sharp and shiny edges with tender shadows, decorate our inner face. Fuse our dark glares with stable emulsion, dancing in a sea of polymer micro particles. None the less feeling a bit eerie from the shape of the cat. The mystery between the vines resurrects the spirit of the sassy 90's. Not to mention heavy leather shoes, rebelling like none other, giving us the courage to stand tall, shaking the tired and leaving in awe. it splits time, it has no future and is not restricted by the past. It's a pun on the present, it leaves us breathless. Sometimes, let us be edgy.

Pictures x Neda Laumė

                                                                Shoes//Public Desire
                                                                    Sunglasses//Urban Outfiters


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