Sunday, 20 August 2017


Sometimes, everything you need is expression, just a tiny chance of self - expression. And of course - passion, which i am going to talk to you about. It is my passion, the air I breathe. Fashion is not a simple patchwork of clothes – it embraces the six human senses. We experience touch, and fabrics which have been truly merged into one actually touch one’s soul. Vision is created by establishing a novel beauty standard which will crush another sensation – the one of smell. Those who cherish fashion hear the rhythm of fabrics when people move, we can dip our tongue into the process and taste it – just a little bit of imagination is required. Fashion may be sweet or sour, spicy and with an aftertaste – as long as it is not bland. Yet the most important is the feeling of intuition. Without this sense, fashion fails. True fashion design is like experiencing the bird flight and a kiss from the moonlight, the sensuality of the sun, and the rush of the wind. The ones who create real fashion anticipate the future; otherwise, their job is worthless. When I design I believe. I live this. It is as long-term as architecture, love, feelings; it leaves tracks in history. That is why we can observe the road of the fashion pioneers. It is a passion that awakens me from the daily routine.It's the passion that gave me will to turn my life around. For dreams I left my home, past and a part of me back there, to create myself anew. But these changes inside are never ending, they don't kneel to time that passed or which is still to come. We are the masters of the roads we choose in life, we are the only ones to blame. That's why the biggest changes happen only when we truly want them, we crave them. That's why  Idecided to slowly tip top towards my dreams and goals, and to share this journey with you, which i hope will excite and inspire. Let us start the journey together! All these things I will give - inspired by the wind, kissed by the moon, touched lightly by a passing bird, hugged by the sun and embraced in life. One which rarely, often wants to run away. It's ME

                                                         Blouse//Carpe Diem


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